Youth Ministry

Susan Bailey
Youth Pastor

Drama Camp

Elementary Kids - "God's Not Dead" for Kids - Dinner Theater

Through an accessible and timely story that answers tough questions like “If God is real, why do bad things happen to people?”, this new musical is anchored by songs that are full of faith-reinforcing lyrics.
Rehearsal schedule:
Mondays and Wednesdays starting June 12 - June 28, 3:00-5:00pm with the performance on Friday, June 30th at 7:00pm; potluck dinner at 6:00pm.

Middle & High School Gooph Troupe Drama Team

Summer Project "Happily Forever After"

When a carpenter from another kingdom brings the troubling news that their castle (built far away from the King) is built on sand and won’t withstand the coming storm, they hesitantly choose to follow him as he promises to show them this "better Kingdom," and assures them he will take them "all the way, and never leave them." Awesome musical!

Performance on Saturday, August 19th as a DINNER THEATER

Rehearsal Schedule:
Wednesdays and Saturdays 6:00-8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. Some rehearsals will be altered due to Highlands camp and the mission trip.

VBS 2017

Thanks to all our volunteers who made this year another HUGE success!

John & Lori Buechner, Rosemary Bogart, Brittany & Ben Bailey, Karen & Bob Davis, Nancy Stephens, Diane Caro, Jane Vanderkoii, Rachel Volberding, Pam Black, Nancy Clark, Georgia Lacy, Ruth Vanderbroek, Barb Schipper, Debbie Peterson, Nadine Gilmore, JT Wakefield, Sharon Reinke, Jill Swanson, Kelly & Emily Russel, Mae & Ellie Ashley, Grace Dudas, Sydney James, Callae Trinta, Jackie Borman, Sarah Rundus, Bess Dalvit, Vicki Fallon, Sandy Madura, Aja Brantley, Jacob Thomas, Noah Biller, Gavin Trotter, Ben & Ani & Mia Tuka, Jasey & Katie Beaver, Cameron & Zach & Krista Dieke.

VBS Mission Trip

July 25th – July 31st

VBS Mission Trip to Laguna New Mexico is happening this year. We will leave on July 25th and return late on July 31st. We will pack up our VBS and youth group programs to serve the Lord together at the United Casablanca Presbyterian Church. If you are interested in more info, going with us, or can help with freezer meals, please contact Susan.