Words from our Pastor

As many of you are aware, I am planning to introduce a Mid-Week Prayer time at our church this coming fall. This is something that I am sensing is very important for us, and needed in our church community life. I am also hoping you will consider it as part of your fall plans.

Clearly, prayer is a large part of our church already. On Sundays, we offer God our prayer of adoration, our unison prayer of confession, we pray for the good use of our offering and we pray over our joys and concerns with each other. We also pray before each meeting of the Session and we incorporate prayer in hospital visitations, Deacon visits, Fellowship events, and throughout the week in meetings and various “get-togethers.”

But my hope for the Mid-Week Prayer time is for our own refreshing and refocus on the Lord and what he is doing in us as individuals and in us as a congregation.

Although this is not complete, I am hoping that some, if not all of these things can happen at the Prayer time:

Begin the prayer time with scripture. This will focus our attention and let God begin the conversation.

Testimonial – Maybe allow a person or two to talk a little about what God has been doing in their life, or how they came to faith, or something like that. This allows all of the rest of us to know each other better.

Prayer by Suggestion. Let the whole group have a silent prayer time by giving suggestions of what to pray for: praise, thanksgiving, confession, and personal needs.

Pray Topically for a few of the most pressing needs in our church. This is not necessarily the primary focus of the meeting, but it can be incorporated.

Pray for each other. We might be able to get together in smaller groups to pray for each other in some specific areas. Some may want to share with the whole group, but others will like it better if the group is not too large.

I have been asked (occasionally) about my own “vision” for the Presbyterian Church of Broomfield. Whenever I pray about this, I continually see old and young praying together, supporting each other and telling each other what they pray about. I know it is not exactly a typical master plan that presents a building campaign and the launch of a new campus and such. But to me, I cannot seem to shake this notion that our prayer time as a congregation, and our learning to pray together is essential. Not only for our current congregation, but also for the generation that will come after we are long gone.

– Pastor John