Kids Hope USA

One Hour, One School, One Mentor, One Student = One Major Impact on a child.

Kids Hope USA is our mentoring program at Emerald Elementary School. We are celebrating 10 years at Emerald with a lunch in the teachers’ lounge in December. Any guess as to how many kids we have mentored and prayed for in that time? We will find out soon!

Mentors, if you would like to buy your child a gift, you certainly can do so. Please have a separate bag that they can put the gift away in to not draw attention from others. Also, please keep it to $15 or less. Christmas vacation is December 25th through January 8th. While you are on vacation, take time to look at the website. It is full of great ideas, academics, kids dealing with grief, and it does take some time to get through it: Also, there is a mentor app for Apple or Android with quick ideas for your hour, and Kids Hope USA has a Facebook page. Please feel free to visit our resource room in the church basement to refresh your bags. Thank you for giving your time for these precious children!

Susan Bailey